SOFDStart of Frame Delimiter (networking)
SOFDSouth Ogden Fire Department (South Ogden, UT)
SOFDSocial Fund for Development (est. 1991; Egypt)
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SOFD 2012 docente: Tutoria Virtual Internet a traves de Asignatura de libre 2009/2010/2011/ Internet eleccion Grupo G9 2012 Iniciacion a la Master Universitario 2009/2010/2011/ investigacion en de Investigacion en 2012 sistemas Ingenieria y Informaticos y Arquitectura telematicos avanzados Aplicaciones Ingeniero Tecnico en 2009/2010/2011/ Telematicas Telecomunicaciones.
During a comprehensive program review, the faculty members of the Social Foundations Program Area (SOFD) applied for and received approval from the Eastern Michigan University Human Subjects Review Committee in 2009 to study SOFD courses, students, and faculty.
The most serious criticism of Erikkson and McFadden's[16] SOFD model is that the end product consists of a design for performing the development and not for a software product.