SOFESociety of Financial Examiners (est. 1973)
SOFESymposium on Fusion Engineering
SOFESchool of Future Entertainment (Karlshamn, Sweden)
SOFEService Oriented Field Experience (Regis University, Denver, CO, USA)
SOFESurvey of Federal Employees
SOFESymposium on Fusion Energy
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Qualifications: A bachelor's degree in accounting, or sufficient course work in related fields of study, from an accredited college or university; successful completion of four society-administered courses and exams; and membership in SOFE.
It is noteworthy that in Russian academic discourse about capital markets this MPT-based line of research has been well known, but never dominant and less constrictive of alternative patterns of vision and methodology, for example, ones that descend from the SOFE economic research program pioneered by Leonid Kantorovich, a 1975 Nobel Prize Laureate from Russia who was active in the fields of investment and valuation theory.
Qualifications: Successful completion of eight courses: four courses from the IDMA curriculum, and four courses from the CPCU or LOMA or SOFE or CAS curriculum; then successful completion of eight examinations.