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SOFIESolar Occultation for Ice Experiment (US NASA)
SOFIESurvey of Family Income and Employment (Statistics New Zealand)
SOFIESchools Online for Interactive Education
SOFIESediment or Fauna Incubation Experiment
SOFIEScintillating Optical Fiber Isotope Experiment (US NASA)
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By empowering a wide array of people with valuable, translational imaging tools, SOFIE is making PET scans more accessible.
Sofie has proved to be a little fighter after having to undergo several gruelling surgical procedures including having to have a shunt fitted in the brain when she was just three months old.
Simon Colvine, Souter visitor experience manager, said: "We're delighted to have Sofie with us to help celebrate our 25th anniversary.
In Fortitude, Sofie is ambitious Governor Hildur Odegard, who is married to a policeman.
Sofie Laguna's The Grace stories would be highly valuable to readers in the middle phase of schooling.
Summary: A female baby giraffe named Sofie has been born at Los Angeles Zoo.
The royal couple dropped in to the set during their tour of Scandinavia and admitted to eminent Danish actress Sofie Grabol, who plays Lund, that they were "addicted" to the show.
Sofie Armitage had a fifth minute shot well saved and on 21 minutes Laura Windle drew another good save from the Middlesbrough keeper.
This time Lund, played by Sofie Grabol, is two years older and about to be recalled by her former boss in Copenhagen.
Before this final stage, the eight Bboys (breakdancers) namely Ahmed Bouali, Hichem Chelbi, Mohamed Saihi, Montassar Ben Salem, Rafik Jgham, Rami Nefzi, SofiE ne Trabelsi and Yassine Rmadhnia must win the final at BOTY Africa on November 16 against teams from Algeria, Morocco, South Africa and Zimbabwe.
clip was directed by Lebanese director Sofie Butros and was filmed in different