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SOFIESolar Occultation for Ice Experiment (US NASA)
SOFIESurvey of Family Income and Employment (Statistics New Zealand)
SOFIESchools Online for Interactive Education
SOFIESediment or Fauna Incubation Experiment
SOFIEScintillating Optical Fiber Isotope Experiment (US NASA)
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The Taggart star admits it was not the most romantic gift but says Sofie would have been perfect for her new stage role even if she had not won fans around the world in the Danish crime thriller.
Physically, Sofie has also proved she is destined for a successful future and has taken up basketball and trains with the Tees Valley Titans.
Sofie co-presented, with Kirstie's on-screen partner Phil Spencer, a Channel 4 spin-off programme from Location, Location, Location called The Best And Worst Places To Live In The UK.
Please notify participation to: Sofie Strandberg Phone: +46 8 517 627 20 sofie.
But the freak genetic defect was not passed down when little Susie and Sofie were born with four limbs only on Sunday, and the duo have been charming families visiting the Morpeth attraction this half-term.
From left, Sofie Girgora, Petra Redajova and Tracy She
Jen's been busy throwing herself into work in New Sofie York, including a high-profile concert in the Bronx on Wednesday, while it has been claimed Casper had remained in LA to concentrate on his acting and choreography work.
LIVERPOOL FC star Daniel Agger married his girlfriend Sofie in a ceremony at his hometown of Hvidovre, Denmark.
A passion for property is in Sofie Allsopp's genes.
Brought to the UK by property channel Real Estate TV, it's captured the imagination of Sofie Allsopp (sister of property expert Kirsty), who has turned her skills to helping homeowners sell their properties across the pond - giving us the opportunity to learn from their chintz mistakes.