SOFINSoviet-Finnish Spectrograph
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Addressing delegates at the SOFINS event Rear Admiral Laurent Isnard, head of the French Special Forces Command, explained the importance of support and logistical supply chains, while emphasising the integral nature of what he coined "future energy requirements .
Addressing the SOFINS conference, RADM Isnard described how 3D printers, deployed at forward operating bases for example, could be used to print spare parts for a variety of systems including unmanned aerial or ground vehicles.
Organised by the French Special Forces at the "De Souce" Military Base in the French city of Bordeaux, SOFINS is the meeting of Special Forces with research world and innovative manufacturers.
Speaking to Armada during the SOFINS event, industry sources described how important 'Hybrid Intelligence' was becoming to the international special forces community: "It's a smart world, hinged around four elements," sources explained while highlighting an operational and training environment encompassing a: "mixed reality of virtual and non-virtual technology, where software meets biology and where deep machine learning can be integrated with human intelligence".
Speaking to Armada duringthe SOFINS event Commander Daniel-Frederic Gigan from the UAV Centre of Excellence explained how the technology was changing the way defence organisations can produce objects, with options ranging from UAVs through to perovskite (a calcium titanium oxide material) solar cells printed on plastic.
Speaking to Armada ahead of the SOFINS event, an official spokesperson from the Danish Special Operations Command described how such a concept remains a: "high priority across the Danish armed forces and intelligence agencies.