SOFPStatement of Financial Position
SOFPState-Only Family Planning (California)
SOFPStandard Operational Flight Pattern (Kathryn Lasky book series)
SOFPSales, Operations & Financial Planning
SOFPSpray on Fire Proofing (construction)
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Let's consider the steps to take with any consolidation process, starting with the SOFP.
So the exam approach to consolidating an SOFP is as follows: set out your proforma as per the question, replacing the "Investments" line with "Goodwill" and "Investment in associate"; add all assets and liabilities, except investments, for the parent and subsidiary; do the standard workings (steps 1 to 5); consider any extra adjustments that may be required; and consolidate.
Hunting Situation Recommended Patterns Spring turkey hunting & MOSL, BG, CF, FW, FS, PSG, SUGL, early fall deer hunting TGS, TBSG Late fall deer hunting-- MOBU, MOSB, APO, XG, BGR, average to large trees DOWL,KMT, NG, US, PFG, TB, DOU Late fall deer hunting-- ASAT, PWW, SO small trees, limited background Snow cover--hunting on NGS, PWW, XS, SO, APS the ground Marsh and field ADVW, MOSG Early spring turkey MOSB, XB NGE, PSG, TBSG, FS Open cover--plains hunting for ASAT, CF DOHT, WCB, MOSG, KMB, antelope, predators--rocky NG, PFB, ADV, XG, STL terrain for goat, sheep or caribou Light-colored all-purpose patterns ADV, ASAT, MOSB, KMB, US, PE, SA TBS, TBSFB, WE Dark-colored all-purpose patterns SOU, MOBU, KMA, FS, PFB, SOFP, TB, HW