SOFPStatement of Financial Position
SOFPState-Only Family Planning (California)
SOFPStandard Operational Flight Pattern (Kathryn Lasky book series)
SOFPSales, Operations & Financial Planning
SOFPSpray on Fire Proofing (construction)
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The amounts to be shown in the financial statements are as follows: Year B/f Effective Coupon C/f interest paid (SOFP) (8.9%) (5%) 1 $49,000 $4,361 ($2,500) $50,861 Journal Dr Cash $49,000 Dr IS $4,361 Dr Liability $2,500 =Liability entry Cr $49,000 Cr $4,361 Cr Cash $2,500 Liability Liability 2 $50,861 $4,527 ($2,500) $52,889 3 $52,889 $4,707 ($2,500) $55,096
Lastly, calculate the amortised cost using the effective interest rate as follows (one year only, but you should have the idea of how the workings are put together from the previous sample calculations shown for the loans, debentures and redeemable preference shares): Year B/f Effective Coupon C/f ($000) interest paid (5%) (SOFP) (7%) ($000) ($000) ($000) 1 9,180 642.6 (500) 9,322.6 Journal Figures from Dr IS Dr Liability =Liability entry C, above Cr Liability Cr Cash
Any investment of less than 20 per cent is treated as a normal investment in the "Non-current assets" section of the statement of financial position (SOFP).
It's important to identify the group structure because when you're consolidating the income statement or SOFP, you consolidate only the parent and subsidiary, not the associate.