SOFSASpecial Operations Forces Support Activity
SOFSASpecial Operations Facility Support Activity
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The decrease was primarily the result of $304 million from the SOFSA contract loss and $58 million from lower JCA volume, partially offset by increased CLS services for C-12 aircraft.
Navy maritime patrol aircraft and 70 basis points due to a decline in lower margin sales mix for SOFSA.
The decrease was primarily as a result of: (1) $198 million from the SOFSA contract loss and (2) $34 million from JCA.
A favorable price adjustment of $10 million for an international aircraft modernization contract increased operating margin by 150 basis points, improved contract performance on rotary wing cabin assemblies increased operating margin by 120 basis points, and a decline in lower margin sales, primarily from the SOFSA contract, increased operating margin by 90 basis points.
The decrease was primarily due to sales volume declines of $91 million from the SOFSA contract loss.
Favorable contract close-outs, and a decrease of lower margin sales, primarily for SOFSA, increased operating margin by 40 basis points.
Sales from the SOFSA contract generated approximately $455 million for L-3 Communications in 2009 and historically accounted for 3% of its top line.
L-3 Communications estimates that the loss of the SOFSA contract will reduce its total revenue for 2010 by $150 million and reduce the 2010 earnings by 4 cents per share.
It is with great pride that we join L-3 as an industry teammate in supporting USSOCOM and SOFSA," said Stu Shea, president of SAIC's Intelligence, Security and Technology Group.
As SOFSA evolves we see an opportunity to leverage technology in new ways that can significantly increase information accessibility and responsiveness for the warfighter.
SOFSA has approximately 1,700 employees, of which more than 1,000 are located in the Lexington region.
SOFSA is responsible for the critical rapid response, and joint logistical support to USSOCOM facilities in Lexington and Richmond, Ky.