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SOFTSociety of Forensic Toxicologists
SOFTSupport Organisation for Trisomy (various locations)
SOFTSociety for Fuzzy Theory and Systems (Japan)
SOFTSimple Omnibus Format in Text
SOFTSuccesses, Opportunities, Failures, Threats (type of progress report)
SOFTSafety of Fight Test
SOFTSécteur opérations feux et transport
SOFTStaff Officer Flying Training
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Long and eagerly they spoke, and their soft voices rose high.
Tarzan of the Apes stroked her soft hair and tried to comfort and quiet her as Kala had him, when, as a little ape, he had been frightened by Sabor, the lioness, or Histah, the snake.
That the dainty maiden should dance and weep at the same time was indeed surprising; so Dorothy asked in a soft, sympathetic voice:
During a brief lull in the conversation his clear, soft voice suddenly reached Trent's ears.
Lena's all right, only--well, you know yourself she's soft that way.
He was a fool; he had been made drunken by a woman's face and by a woman's soft, white hands.
At last, when she came to the youngest, a soft voice cried: 'Dear mother, I am in the clock-case.
As they made no effort to communicate with me, but simply stood round me smiling and speaking in soft cooing notes to each other, I began the conversation.
We would do up the paper again, just as it was, and slip in, very elaborate and soft, and lay it on the bunk again, and let on WE didn't know about any trick, and hadn't any idea he was a-laughing at us behind them bogus snores of his'n; and we would stick by him, and the first night we was ashore we would get him drunk and search him, and get the di'monds; and DO for him, too, if it warn't too risky.
And so, poor Hetty had got a face and a presence haunting her waking and sleeping dreams; bright, soft glances had penetrated her, and suffused her life with a strange, happy languor.
Nay," quoth Will Scarlet, laughing, "so far as that goeth, I know of a certain friar that, couldst thou but get on the soft side of him, would do thy business even though Pope Joan herself stood forth to ban him.
The soft face - they say the face was not so soft then.