SOFTTSpecial Operation Forces Tactical Tourniquet
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Designed for one-handed application, the SOFTT allows a Soldier to apply a tourniquet himself, replacing the Army's field-expedient method in which Soldiers used a bandage and a stick to stop blood flow from a wound.
The field-expedient method worked, "but the SOFTT is better," said Sergeant First Class Michael C.
The SOFTT's strap can be released completely through the web clamp and then re-threaded, allowing for application to trapped limbs.
Working on the same principles as all tourniquets, "(The SOFTT) is used to stop the bleeding from an extremity and to prevent shock," said Staff Sergeant Thomas J.
The CAT, EMT, and SOFTT were effective in all subjects.
(14,19,29,30) All of the devices that we tasted employed some type of mechanical advantage, however, only those devices employing a windlass (CAT, SOFTT), a block-and-tackle system (MAT), or pneumatic compression (EMT) were able to occlude flow in the lower extremity of more than 80% of subjects.