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SOGStudies and Observation Group
SOGShots on Goal (hockey)
SoGSociety of Genealogists (UK)
SOGShades of Green (Armed Forces Recreation Center, Florida)
SOGSogenannt (German : so-called)
SOGSon of God
SOGSenior Officials Group
SogShort Gastrulation
SOGSon of A Gun
SOGSeat Of Government
SOGSlab on Grade
SOGSchool of Governance (various locations)
SOGSergeant Of the Guard
SOGSilicon on Glass
SOGStudies and Operations Group (less common)
SOGSea-Of-Gates (semiconductors)
SOGSoldiers of God (gaming clan)
SOGStructure and Organization of Government (International Political Science Association)
SOGSogndal, Norway - Haukasen (Airport Code)
SOGSign Of God
SOGService Order Gateway
SOGStudieontwijkend Gedrag (Dutch)
SOGSenior Oversight Group
SOGSchweizerische Orchideen-Gesellschaft (German: Swiss Orchid Society)
SOGSpecial Observations Group
SOGService Order Grouping
SOGSame Old Grind
SOGSurveillance and Observation Group
SOGStandard/Standing Operating Guidelines
SOGSpecial Operations Group
SOGSpeed Over Ground
SOGSpin On Glass
SOGStages of Growth
SOGSync on Green
SoGStrait of Georgia (British Columbia, Canada)
SOGSea of Green (cannabis harvesting)
SOGStroke of Genius
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When the CO called up Headquarters FC, he was told that a Police convoy being escorted by an FC Quick Reaction Force (QRF) had been ambushed short of Ambela, that QRFs of SOG and 2 Wing Khyber Rifles had already been moved there, but fighting was still going on.
Yarborough is very believable and effective in describing the SOG teams' tactical operations of insertion, extraction, and rescue.
The JV will be based within Soiteca[euro](tm)s planned CPV plant in San Diego and will use Soiteca[euro](tm)s lens design know-how and Reflexitea[euro](tm)s injection-molded SOG lens plates technology and manufacturing expertise.
The SOG men acted accordingly, but fled after dropping him at the hospital, where attending doctors declared him "brought dead".
Downsizing and integration of instrumentation has been achieved by the employment of LTPS that enables a narrower LCD frame than that of amorphous silicon and integration of semiconductor systems on the glass substrate of the TFT LCD enabling a reduction in the number of instrumentation parts built into the new SOG LCD.
As in the company's previous input display products, the new LCD adopts the proprietary SOG (system-on-glass) technology, while photo sensors and signal processing functions are integrated on the LCD's glass, allowing for applications on mobile devices.
SOG in lumber reduces strength and could promote twist as the moisture content (MC) varies.
SOG is now reproducing this rare combat knife, the Scuba-Demo.
2] resulting from SOG combustion was good, and technologies for S[O.
Such a book is arguably long overdue, but classification of material and the lack of documented interviews with former SOG members crippled previous attempts.
CNN quoted John Singlaub, a former SOG commander, as saying it could be more important to the survival of U.
The secret to SOG Knives' success has been a consistent focus on manufacturing knives and tools built for duty--initially in field and battle stressed situations--and for sporting and everyday carry as the demand for these genres grew.