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SOGATSociety of Graphical and Allied Trades (trade union; UK)
SOGATStandardization of Genome Amplification Techniques (virology conference)
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SOGAT, like other unions, has also been active in expanding its membership services.
In 1977, the NGA and SOGAT agreed to a pact concerning jurisdictional rights that has permitted them to coordinate their efforts to organize the nonunion portion of the industry.
To enroll in Pall's Filtration and Contamination Control workshop on March 26th at SOGAT, go to www.
Bob was secretary of the West of Scotland SOGAT union in 1986.
22-26: SOGAT 2015 Venue: Beach Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
As a young girl in a bookbinding works, she took over the running of her union chapel and in 1939 became a full-time union officer of the print union SOGAT, working in Glasgow and London before coming to Newcastle in 1952.