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SogdSogdian (linguistics)
SogdState of Grace Designs (Nashville, TN)
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19) Personal interview, senior Sogd Province counterterrorism official, Khujand, Tajikistan, July 2011.
Likewise, institutions and mechanisms to handle water distribution, especially in areas such as the Kyrgyz Batken Valley and Tajik Sogd Province, could reduce cross-border conflict over water rights.
In "Heroism" Emerson's source for his vision of heroic hospitality is non-Western: "Ibn Haukal, the Arabian geographer, [who] describes a heroic extreme in the hospitality of Sogd, in Bukharia" (EL 375), present-day Uzbekistan.
en aquellas tierras surgio la sociedad de clases que determino la formacion de varios estados florecientes de la antiguedad, tales como Bactria, Jorezm, Sogd y Parphia.