SOGHASurveillance of the Gorilla Habitat
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And, 'we know of the auditor's presence', specially the second type of addressees, and 'what they say and do only from the clues' in the Mundhum-text of the shaman and from all his activities/performances that are satisfied by 'the properties of 'here' and 'now' logically, physically, and cognitively.' The closing section of Sam Sogha Mundhum (narration and ritual performance of warding-off evil spirits), which is called 'yannonma' (a Limbu term, meaning 'act of returning'), invites us to look at it from pragmatic perspective, because the utilization of the following text is possible only when the shaman, assisted by his anglanggobo-sanglanggobas, addresses and interacts with a wide range of dynamic addressees: Text-III na-- tikwasa-ma-e khewasa-ma-e!
Khalifa al-Mohannadi of Sogha Exhibitions & Conferences, said, "QMED has succeeded in attracting a number of VIPs and leading names in the international and local healthcare sector, thus quickly establishing itself as an ideal platform for knowledge-transfer and discussions around the healthcare industry, latest technical innovations, and sharing best practices in the medical field."
Special Mention: Sogha for her role in Jannat Rahma directed by Hani Al Shaibani
Mahbooba (Aus) 3f Galileo - Sogha Homebred by Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa and a Group 1 winner in South Africa.
Khalifa al-Mohannadi, manager of Sogha Exhibitions and Conferences, said the event is an investment opportunity for the leaders of the medical sector in Qatar to get acquainted and cooperate with about 12 participating countries from the field.
QMED Manager Souhaila Abdulrahim said, "This year we are anticipating a wider participation of over 70 international and local companies." The event, to be held in an area of 5,000 square metres, will feature three conferences and workshops in which more than 700 doctors are expected to attend.Manager of Sogha Exhibition and Conferences Khalifa al Mohannadi said, "The event is widely welcomed by experts, suppliers as well as those specialising in healthcare sector worldwide.
Best female supporting role went to Emirati artist Sogha on her performance in the play Al Qaid aeFetter' for Dubai Popular Theatre
Khalifa al-Mohannadi, manager of Sogha Exhibitions & Conferences, said: "QMED attracts a number of VIP's and leading names in the Qatari healthcare sector, which emphasises on its foremost role as an ideal communicative platform to enhance the communication among those concerned with healthcare in Qatar.
Talent from the UAE was also strongly represented at the opening night of the Gulf Film Fastival, with Omar Gobash, Moza Al Mazrouei, Naji Al Hay, Jamal Matar, Gizlan, Abdullah Masoud, Bodour, Saif Al Ganem, Salem Al Hattawi, Ashwaq, Ali Khamis, Sultan Al Nyadi, Malik Al Khaldi, Yousuf Yaqoub, Ebrahim Salem, Ashjan, Sogha, Aisha Abdul Rahman, Mariam Sultan and Mohammad Ismail and Mustafa Abbas who each enjoyed their moment in the limelight.
The event, is being organised by Sogha Exhibitions and Conferences from March 24 to 26 at the Qatar National Convention Centre, with an expected participation of over 100 local and international companies.
Khalifa al-Mohannadi, general manager of Sogha Exhibitions and Conferences, the organiser of QMED, praised the strategic support provided by the SCH stressing that the support was critical in the long-term success.