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SOGISexual Orientation and Gender Identity (various organizations)
SOGISupra Owners Group International (Toyota Supra)
SOGISamson Oil and Gas, Inc. (Canada)
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This narrative, Murray argues, is crucially hinged on the "newish migrant identity category" (5) of the SOGI refugee claimant, who is folded into national-normativity by the CRA through a discourse of "inaugural homonationalism" (53).
To sustain this rights-based gender activism, youth are creating spaces to educate school administrators and fellow students about options for reconceptualizing the gender binary and holding school administrators accountable for adequate and appropriate school practices and policies fostering safety and inclusion (Chesir-Teran & Hughes, 2009; Schindel, 2008), evident in the rise of SOGI and transgender policy and implementation in various education jurisdictions across Canada (e.
78) Indeed, the UNHCR SOGI Guidelines rightly note that "[s]ome [sexual minority refugee claimants] may only be able to draw upon (derogatory) terms used by the persecutor.
Voir aussi Sogi c Canada (Ministre de la Citoyennete et de l'Immigration), 2004 CF 853 aux para 18, 20, 120051 3 RCF 517 (decision dans laquelle la Cour federale a enonce qu'en plus de devoir prouver un risque serieux a la securite canadienne avant de deporter un refugie dans son pays, il faut que les agents de l'immigration considerent d'autres alternatives en remplacement du refoulement).
Ahani v Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) (2002), 58 OR (3d) 107, 208 DLR (4th) 66 (CA); Sogi v Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration), 2006 FC
While it has so far dodged direct attack for its work on SOGI, will the inclusion of abortion and sex work bring out political interests that will explode its "health" shield?
Awoko ti daje ede/Onranwu ti daje owu/Akokoti daje awujo sogi sogi /Ogbon n laje Ifa/Imoran n laje opele.
The 2007 Yogyakarta Principles, which applies international human rights law in relation to SOGI, states, "The policing of sexuality remains a major force behind continuing gender-based violence and gender inequality.
Este modelo, en terminos teoricos, se ocupa mas del rol de los estilos de vida en la salud de las personas que en los mecanismos que producen la enfermedad, con una aproximacion preventiva hacia la salud, donde se busca la participacion y responsabilidad de la poblacion (Perales, Sogi & Morales, 2003).
Industrial apple pomace is composed of press residue from cider apples, wines, brandies, distilled or spirits and vinegars (SMOCK; NEUBERT, 1950) as well as components from the residual epidermis and endocarp obtained in the semi-industrial processes of freezing, canning, dehydration, and other processing (VIRK; SOGI, 2004).