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"The SOHH makes so much sense," says Ed Mathez, curator of the exhibition Climate Change, at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.
He has also been riding the SOHH to school instead of relying on his parents to drive him back and forth, helping to cut down on dozens of car trips each month.
Despite its advantages, the SOHH was not cheap to make.
Still, "every little bit counts, and the SOHH is a way to start us thinking differently about how we do things," says Mathez.
They officially launched in 1996 to recognize the efforts of Webmasters and hip-hop fans.
Indeed, Palmer and Samuel were able to get other sites to affix an icon on their homepages referred to as the "binary MC." Within a 12-month period, SOHH grew from three to 75,000 members.
SOHH did a Webcast with a streaming multimedia site,, announcing the award winners of the best in hip-hop music and Websites.
SOHH had a major coup this year when it partnered with Urban Box Office (UBO) Network, a new media company that was co-founded by the late George Jackson, the former movie producer and CEO at Motown.