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SOHIOStandard Oil of Ohio
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I understand the remedy in Sohio to have been a rough-and-ready approximation that reflected the difficulty in calculating the defendant's actual expenses.
This was "Mukluk," drilled by Sohio (now BP) on federal leases in Harrison Bay, northwest of Prudhoe Bay.
Earlier, two other massive splinters, Sohio and Amoco, were brought back together when they were purchased by British Petroleum.
It used to be that Dave Freitag's Sohio gas station had three pumps, a repair shop and a candy bar rack.
Avon shocked many investors when it wrote off $223 million, but it still had to take a backseat to Sohio, where write-offs totaled $1.
He started doing tracer work at Sohio Research (which later became BP Research) in the early 80s, where he was fortunate to train under Bernie Zemel, author of "Tracers in the Oil Field.
Then, like now, it was Royal Dutch Shell that took the lead in both the Beaufort and Chukchi seas, although other companies, including Unocal, Sohio, Amoco and Arco Alaska, were active.
Tenhover served as BP chief scientist for Advanced Materials when SOHIO merged with BP (NYSE:BP) and worked as the chief technology officer of the Hosokawa Micron Corporation (Osaka, Japan).
Minerals Management Service Richardson, 1987 1985 Sohio Alaska Petroleum et al.
Finally, oligopolistic control of the industry has been reinforced in recent years by mega-mergers fusing these oil giants with each other: British Petroleum, itself one-fifth owned by Kuwait, acquired Amoco and ARCO in the period from 1998 to 2000 (after having absorbed Sohio and its Alaskan oil deposits a decade earlier).
Later, even as the local wells dried up, Rockefeller's refinery boomed as crude was piped in from newer fields, and it remained a key piece in the network of Standard Oil of Ohio, or Sohio.
Trailblazer will conduct its assessment, using as a starting point the extensive amount of data and analysis gathered and performed by Standard Oil of Ohio during the period that SOHIO controlled the leases.