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Other studies utilizing the AAP SOHM email discussion list have also been limited by low response rates [46-49].
SOHM president and CEO, Shailesh Shah, stated that the SohMed range of generic medicines will be offered in the United States through a nationwide network of distributors, warehouse stores, convenience stores and others.
In a statement, SOHM said it had finalised the acquisition of the tangible and intangible assets, rights and technical intellectual property and formulation of all of Novatrenda[euro](tm)s products.
SOHM will also leverage Novatrend's in-depth knowledge of new drug delivery systems, be it transdermal innovation or transmucosal route therapies.
Disclosures: The study was sponsored by the AAP SOHM subcommittee on complex care; survey respondents were eligible for a lottery drawing for a $250 incentive.
SOHM said in a press release it had finalised the transaction after it implemented a due diligence process and secured proper financing.
8 November 2011 - US generic drug maker SOHM Inc has obtained two Certificates of Product Registrations (CPR) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Philippines for two products - one for treatment of high blood pressure and one for treatment of pain.
7 November 2011 - US generic drugmaker SOHM Inc last week posted a third-quarter 2011 net loss of USD58,221 (EUR42,000), or an improvement from a USD180,962 net loss it booked a year earlier.
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DEBRA SOHM, the systems engineer/researcher for Ecotrust, stops by the kitchen while Higgins is drafting his list of evening specials.