SOICSSpecial Operations Improved Cryptographic System
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Finally, the RC-S SOIC was fortunate to be rounded out with several contractor billets.
However, SOIC analysts work in tandem with those analysts responsible for studying enemy (red) targets and networks, allowing the G2 section to present the commander a much more comprehensive understanding of the battle space.
The hallmark of the RC-S SOIC was the ability of analysts to gather information in the smallest detail, in order to provide a thorough analysis of their assigned areas of responsibility.
Among those entities that provided the SOIC with the most detailed information were company intelligence support teams (CoISTs) and Human Terrain System (HTS) social scientists.
These types of relationships allowed the SOIC analysts to gain critical information and get a better understanding of the battle space from a perspective not always known at a division level (or sometimes even at a brigade level) headquarters.
To assist SOIC analysts in understanding the green and white space, and how the actions of those actors affect the mission, the SOIC capitalized on the enormous amount of information available from open source means.
In addition to social media, SOIC analysts were familiar with the other resources of information that shed light on their area of responsibility.
As LTG Flynn highlighted, there must be an information broker to manage the volume of information gathered by the SOIC analysts, past and present.
Whether the SOIC is formed from various entities within the division headquarters or a part of the division G2 section, Army doctrine must change to make the SOIC an enduring part of Army intelligence.
Another option could be to build a SOIC using Soldiers from the civil affairs, information effects, and intelligence sections of a division staff.
With this shift, Army intelligence doctrine must adopt the SOIC as a permanent part of the division G2 section.
At a minimum, a non-deployed SOIC should be manned with a section leader, a deputy, and two analysts.