SOIISurvey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses (US DOL)
SOIIService-Oriented Information Integration
SoIIScience of Information Institute
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Statutorily excluded from the SOII are self-employed workers, workers on farms with fewer than 11 employees, and federal government employees.
In order to better represent the SOII architecture using petri net, Object Oriented Methodology (OOM) is used.
Examining potential racial disparities in rates of occupational injuries and illnesses through existing occupational health surveillance systems is challenging because the SOII does not require employers to record the race of injured workers and WC databases generally exclude race and ethnicity (Bonauto et al.
For each patient, the additional ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes generated were added to the ICD-9-CM codes obtained from the medical records department, and the resultant set of codes was processed with the APR-DRG Grouper to create the concurrent SOII and ROMI.
SOII is an evolution in the approach to data and application integration based on the use of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) as a guiding principle.
The SOII is a federal-state cooperative program administered by BLS in cooperation with state agencies.
The number, percentage, and rate of LFIs from CFOI, SOII, and NEISS-Work in 2011 were compared across demographic, work, and injury characteristics where available (Table).
Multisource enumeration--Using multiple data sources (including SOII microdata, workers' compensation records, and hospital and emergency room data) to compile a comprehensive count of all work-related amputation and carpal tunnel syndrome cases across 2 or 3 years
workers aged [greater than or equal to]55 years accounted for 17% of injuries resulting in lost workdays reported in SOII overall and among private sector employers.
While this result is hardly surprising, data collected from the SOII and CFOI allow rough comparisons of the risks workers face in situations where falls are a hazard.
The approximately 22,000 injuries and illnesses involving lost work days among children aged <18 years in 1993 is probably an underestimate because SOII excludes some categories (e.
Critics of the SOII claim that it undercounts the number of injury and illness incidents in the workplace.