SOIRSchaeffer's Put/Call Open Interest Ratio
SOIRSwedish Organisation for Individual Relief
SOIRSenate Office of International Relations (California)
SOIRSimultaneous Operations on Intersecting Runways
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From the list, I was caught by the significant jump in Procter & Gamble's (NYSE:PG) SOIR from 1.
However, the stock's SOIR has been on the rise lately, hinting that TXN could be the recipient of some short-term buying pressure since the shares tend to move in the direction of this ratio.
E[acute accent]Click here to see a SOIR chart for CSCO since March 2006: http://www.
With heavy short interest, a rising SOIR, and a solid technical portfolio for the past several months, RHAT looks nicely poised to continue its run higher.
In fact, pessimism was running high before last Friday's options expiration, when GOOG's SOIR checked in at 1.
Naturally, with all of this call activity, the stock's SOIR has pulled back significantly.
The current SOIR reading is just about in the middle of all readings taken over the past year, indicating that option players do not have a strong bias toward the retail concern.
The SOIR for CHS has swooped higher since mid-March, illustrating a building preference for (bearishly slanted) put positions.