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SOISSchool of Information Studies (various schools)
SOISSenior Officials on Information Society (2001-2005; Council of the Baltic Sea States)
SOISSpacecraft Onboard Interface Services Area
SOISSpecial Operations Intelligence System
SOISSeverity of Illness Scale
SOISStudent Outcomes Information Services (National Center for Higher Education Management Systems)
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Specifically, integrated results of the Phase III studies showed that on day 15, following 14 days of twice-daily dosing, 64% of Xibrom-treated patients achieved a summed ocular inflammation score (SOIS) = 0, while 43% of patients on placebo achieved an SOIS = 0 (p < 0.
Patients baseline SOIS was at least grade three on a five-point scale.
Those activities indeed addressed the satellite platform software, and the intention is to extend the concepts to the Payloads, in particular the separation execution platform/application through a Software Bus, and the communication mechanisms such as the SOIS layers and some PUS concepts.