SOISICSilicon on Insulator Systems and Integrated Circuits (Grenoble, France)
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Weichselbaumer, president and CEO of SOISIC, SOI is well on its way toward mainstream adoption by the global semiconductor industry, as next-generation challenges create a growing need for SOI-based device designs.
SOISIC continues to work closely with major EDA tool vendors to enhance their tool capabilities, and the company's full design kit is currently available to designers.
SOISIC is the world's leading company in semiconductor IP for silicon-on-insulator technologies.
The SOISIC Design Kit lets system-on-chip designers design with their industry-standard EDA tool flows.
SOISIC is the world's leading company in semiconductor intellectual property (IP) for silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technologies.
SOISIC is currently in the third generation of IP development at the 90-nm node.
The SOISIC Design Kit lets SoC designers design with their industry standard EDA tool flows.
Along with SOISIC, we are committed to this rapidly growing region and are armed with the technology, expertise, capacity and localized support needed to rapidly respond to these foundries as they ramp up production on SOI wafers," said Michael Wolf, Soitec's senior vice president of marketing and sales.
About SOISIC: Headquartered in Grenoble, France, SOISIC (Silicon on Insulator Systems and Integrated Circuits) is the world's first company to focus solely on SOI semiconductor intellectual property (SIP) market and SOI design technology.
To take full advantage of SOI's benefits and enable production of large volumes of SOI-based devices with deep-submicron features, the industry must now turn its attention to optimising SOI design processes and methodologies," said Jean-Luc Pelloie, SOISIC chairman.
CONTACT: Jean-Luc Pelloie of SOISIC, +33-4-38-78-66-64, or fax, +33-4-38-78-66-18, or jean-luc.