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SOJServants of Jesus
SOJStory of Jade (band)
SOJStraits of Johor
SOJState of Jefferson (various locations)
SOJSmall Outline Package J-Lead
SOJSons of Jackass
SOJSmall Outline J-lead
SOJSociety of Janus (San Francisco, CA)
SOJSega of Japan
SOJStone of Jordan (Diablo 2 game)
SOJSea Of Japan
SOJSpace Of Joy (Russian Music Festival)
SOJSame Old Jets (band)
SOJStates of Jersey
SOJSalvation of Jigoku (gaming clan)
SOJStaff of Jordan (World of Warcraft game)
SOJSeal of Justice (gaming, World of Warcraft)
SOJSunglasses of Justice (CSI: Miami TV show)
SOJSounds of Joy
SOJSiege of Jerusalem (game)
SOJSoldiers of Justice (gaming clan)
SOJSoldiers of Jeebus (gaming clan)
SOJSingle Open Jaw (air travel route)
SOJStatement of Justification (Canada)
SOJStowarzyszenie Orkiestra Jazzowa (Polish: Jazz Orchestra Association)
SOJStand-Off Jammer/Jamming
SOJStudents of Justice
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(71.) "I fai par vuardami tal spieli / par jodi se che i soj stat, / ma il spieli al si mouf coma n'aga / e a si mouf se ch'i soj doventat".
These plots can resolve jammer groups, can distinguish incursive jammers from the SOJ background and can form a separate track for each jammer.
A line of adapters from Aries Electronics enables designers to upgrade existing PLCC devices to SOJ and SOIC without the need for a new PCB layout.
The SOJ project was initiated in 2000, but because of other priorities (e.g., EW suites for F-16s, etc.) and the country's economic crisis, SSM only received informal briefings from companies interested in bidding.
In exchange for non-indictment (Ablen) and exclusion as an accused (Ragos), and their retention as an NBI official (Ragos) and NBI agent (Ablen), these 2 had to do the bidding of the Duterte operators led by former SOJ Aguirre and PAO Chief Acosta to implicate me in the illegal drug trade.
It's the first time the (SOJ (Secretary of Justice) has been assigned as caretaker," Roque said in Filipino during a media interview at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminal 2.
'We are hoping that Congress will enact a law that will directly empower the SOJ to restrict the right to travel of persons under preliminary investigation for very serious offenses to constitutional limitations,' he added.
Em cada um desses 154 pontos, foram coletadas lagartas e percevejos, por meio dos metodos de amostragem panode-batida (Figura 1A), pano-de-batida largo (Figura 1B) e pano-de-batida vertical (Figura 1C), em 14 estadios fenologicos da cultura de soj a (V7, V9, V11, R1, R2, R3, R4, R5.1, R5.3, R5.5, R6, R7.1, R7.3 e R8.2) (RITCHIE et al., 1982).
KNEE GOOD Edward at T4 gig PUTJ ON ICE Sad Jedward fans hear their Longford concert has been called off OFF-TUNE The twins' no-show doesn't go down well in Longford SOJ LAME Hurt John hobbles off on crutches with brother Edward by his side yesterday
The COTS compliant plastic packages are compatible with the current ceramic 36-pin and 32-pin SOJ package offering.
The SOJ is essentially analogous to the SPJ since they both operate within the same RF bands, and engage the same types of threats thereby utilizing the same electronic-countermeasures (ECM) techniques.