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SOKSaviors of Kamigawa (gaming, Magic the Gathering Set)
SokSøværnets Operative Kommando (Danish Naval Command)
SOKSleeping On Keyboard
SOKSterling Order of Knights (gaming clan)
SOKStra Ochrony Kolei (Polish Railway System)
SOKSystem of Knowledge
SOKSupport Our Kids (various organizations)
SOKStock Option King
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The Sokha Hotel Company, owned by influential businessman Sok Kong, had been hired to collect revenue from selling tickets to visit the Angkor since 1999.
Director General Sok Phal is visiting Australia to co-host the fifth Australia-Cambodia Immigration Forum alongside officials from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.
Following their acquittal, Sok Sam Oeun said he will tell the world that "Cambodia has justice now.
Odd Sok, part of the students' final year project, was several months in the making.
Sok An alongwith his 10 member delegation also visited Badshahi Mosque and Lahore Fort where he praised the Mughal Art of construction.
Sok was identified as the suspect through witnesses, detectives and members of the Shooting Response Team.
Bernard Harris is Professor of the History of Social Policy at the University of Southampton, and Sok Chul Hong is assistant professor of economics at Sogang University, South Korea.
IS) said on Wednesday that it agreed to sell its discount supermarket unit Sok to Gozde Finansal (GOZFN.
Biz burada agir hipovolemik sok tablosu ile seyreden, sistemik kapiller kacak sendromu tanisi alan ve izlemde plevral sivi gelisen 12 yasinda bir olguyu sunacagiz.
The Samara-based SOK has made headlines in Russian newspapers recently for its ambitious acquisitions in the city of Saratov.
Mr Sok is familiar with ITC as a result of his association with the Integrated Framework in his own, and other, countries, with various ITC projects carried out in Cambodia and with the Executive Forum.
When Japan decides to officially acknowledge North Korea, Korean holders of ''Chosen seki,'' including Kim Sok Pom and Kim Si Chong, will be pressed to choose the citizenship of either South or North Korea.