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SOKSScience Opportunities for Kids Society (Canada)
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Torres said GADC plans to end 2018 with 15 stores with SOKs. She said 10 percent of the company's total stores would have SOKs by the end of 2019, and projected to hit 70 percent of total stores by 2020.
(62.) DAK/16/91, Dakawa Report, Agricultural Development, 1987, `Report: Subject Matter--Situation in Dakawa', 18 November 1986, Soks Sokupa, Zonal Commissar, and Jackie Morake, Acting Co-ordinator.
Shanless Becky then beat White Soks Roks in the Corn Cuchulainn final, and that form has proven solid.
Some examples: kala 'fish' (kal in present-day Moksha), tol 'fire' (tol), ved 'water' (ved)--Uralic; kud 'room' (kud), menel 'heaven' (menel), seks 'autumn' (soks)--Finno-Ugric; psy 'hot' (psi), sisem 'seven' (sisem), ure 'servant; slave' (ura)--Finno-Permic; moda 'earth' (moda), shufta 'tree' (sufte), unx 'root' (onks)--Finno-Volgaic words.
White Soks Roks already has the Dandelion Night of Stars 750, the Ladbrokes Golden Jacket and the Barry's Tea 750 prizes safely tucked away and is going to take some stopping.
Obviously if the favourite [White Soks Roks] slips clear that might be that, but let's see what happens.
WHITE SOKS ROKS looked an incredibly smart recruit for Daniel Riordan on Saturday night when landing his opening round heat in the Ladbrokes Golden Jacket at Crayford.
Liz McNair's Express Trend can win a speed battle to dominate in what is perhaps the heat of the night in terms of depth, the fifth at 9.24, where Paulines Pride is clearly a massive threat, while Gemma Coney's Romeo Explosion was so taking in a trial stakes last week that he is worth siding with in the finale at 9.40 despite the presence of top ex-Irish stayer White Soks Roks, dual finalist Lottes Girl and evergreen Buglys Billie.
Ladbrokes have clear favourites in all six heats, with Blonde Reagan at 4-7 for the second the shortest, while ex-Irish duo Ballymac Swift and White Soks Roks (both 7-4) head the market in what are regarded as the most competitive first round races in heats four and six respectively.
Harkness added: "Bubbly Swallow and Blonde Reagan have obvious claims with their class, but it's also great to see the three ex-Irish dogs in there, White Soks Roks, Oneco Cool and Ballymac Swift, and they bring some decent form into the event from across the water."
Golden Jacket Ladbrokes (prices available to 10am then full revision after completion of draw): 9-2 Bubbly Swallow, 5 Blonde Reagan, White Soks Roks, 6 Paulines Pride, 8 Oneco Cool, 10 bar (e-w 1/4 1,2,3,4).
This competition is renowned for being difficult to solve and it would be foolish to take single-figure prices about more fancied runners such as Bubbly Swallow, White Soks Roks and Blonde Reagan.