SOL1Sleep Onset Latency to Stage 1
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Our first solution Sol1 tolerates a single failure per parent, this failure can be the parent failure or the failure of the link with this parent.
As we will explain hereafter, two variants of Sol1 are compared: (1) in the first one the color of a node is greater than the color of its parent backup, (2) the second variant omits this condition in order to maximize the probability of a node to have a parent backup.
Figure 5 shows that the maximum number of added colors is about 6 colors for Sol1 and Sol2 for 100 nodes.
The present study demonstrated that the performance of birds fed with 0.5% soy-lecithin and 1.5% soy-oil (SOL1) was better than other groups, while the birds fed with 2% lecithin (SL) showed poorer performance (p<0.05).
The utilization of EE was improved in SOL1 group in the starter period, but the utilization of EE had no difference in the grower period.