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SOLASSafety of Life at Sea (US DoD)
SOLASInternational Convention for the Safety of Life At Sea
SOLASSurface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study
SOLASSociety for Laboratory Animal Science (Germany)
SOLASSociety of Law Accountants in Scotland (UK)
SOLASStudent Organization for Latin American Studies (University of New Mexico; Albuquerque, NM)
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Solas regulation V/19-1 on LRIT entered into force on January 1, 2008, and will apply to ships constructed on or after Dec-ember 31, with a phased implementation schedule for ships constructed before December 31.
In this essay, I will stress the importance of Chaucer's criteria of sentence and solas to the vital role literature has played across cultures in shaping our own understanding of the human being.
Solas, by contrast, proposes a turn towards the self and the local that eschews both stereotypical signs of identity and eulogies to Spain's new global image.
Says Persutti, "We were impressed with the service's reporting system, but when you get into this kind of business, there is a tremendous opportunity for problems with hackers and viruses." When SOLAS fell pray to an attack from a virus, Persutti had people to call at AT&T, and "even though it was a Friday," he says, "we had immediate service and help."
The Protocol 1988 SOLAS Convention, on the other hand, specifies the standards for the construction, equipment and operation of ships compatible with their safety.
Be that as it may, Wild Oats XI may have won the SOLAS Big Boat Challenge again this year, but after a couple of excruciatingly disappointing years, Perpetual Loyal is back.
Solas Festival coordinator Frankie Campbell said: "We're really proud of the line-up for our fifth festival.
The North Korean dictator's attempt to assert his authority on the world inspired the Irish street artist Solas to create an Austin Powers-style mural in his honour last summer.
Ferries operating in Southern Europe currently observe safety standard 90 of the Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS two-compartment standard).
Directed by Humberto Solas. Screenplay, Elia Solas, Humberto Solas, Sergio Benvenuto.