SOLCONSolar Constant Experiment
SOLCONSolar Constant Measurement
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Independent active operators currently include Solcon (in Dronten) and BBned (in Amsterdam and Rotterdam).
* Solcon: Solbar's family of soy protein concentrates offer manufacturers important cost and performance benefits in extrusion, emulsion meats, injection, tumbling, marinade, pizza toppings, poultry, fish, surimi and meat analogues
These include isolated soy proteins (Solpro 910, 950), traditional protein concentrates (Solcon, Solcon F), textured proteins (Contex, Bontex, Soytex), and isoflavones (Solgen 3/S, 10, 10/S, 15, 20, 30, 40, 40/S; Solgen SR, Solgen C; Nutragen 3/10, 10).