SOLECState Of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference (US/Canada)
SOLECState Olympic Law Enforcement Command (Georgia)
SOLECStanding on One Leg with Eyes Closed (balance test)
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Established in 1992 by the United States and Canada, SOLEC is the only forum that comprehensively focuses on the health of all the Great Lakes.
The State of the Great Lakes 2009 report, based on information presented at SOLEC 2008 and other background information, can be found at www.
In addition to the SOLEC fence-line security detail, our task force detailed 40 soldiers on each shift to roving patrols throughout the Olympic Village.
SOLEC takes care of the planning, installation and maintenance of your system from start to finish meaning you have one point of contact for all your solar needs.
SOLEC is an approved installer of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and is a member of the REAL association which sets out clearly what you can expect from the company so you can have full confidence in its service together with peace of mind.
SOLEC recognized that MPPEC has an outstanding record of reducing air, water and solid waste discharges over the past decade and their commitment to pollution prevention has improved the overall health of the Great Lakes.
SOLEC is the only forum where research and monitoring efforts from throughout the Basin are used to build an overall picture of Great Lakes health through the use of simple, easy-to-understand scientific indicators.
While the last SOLEC meeting in 1998 emphasized the development of core indicators to represent the state of major ecosystem components for the Great Lakes, the focus of SOLEC 2000 is on reporting on approximately 30 of the 80 proposed indicators.
Information gathered at SOLEC, coupled with other environmental information, will help measure progress towards the objectives of the Canada-U.
AMSC's SKYCELL Plus Service provides a unique, reliable communications tool for connecting the 25 state agencies involved in SOLEC who are responsible for activities and public safety surrounding state venues at the Olympic Games in Atlanta.