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SOLIService Operations and Logistics, and Informatics (conference)
SOLIStewardship of Life Institute (Gettysburg, PA)
SOLIStreams of Life International (Ethiopia aid)
SOLISociety of Our Lady of the Isles
SOLIState of Licence Issue (UK)
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soli was initially isolated from the soil of a mountain forest in South Korea in 2007 (5) and has been recovered from blood cultures of 5 neonates in Brazil (6).
In a pre-concert talk with Soli Deo Gloria's Psalms Project director Peter Bannister, both composers said they hoped that their work would offer comfort and a deeper vision in a time when, as Bannister put it, the Western world has "hit a wall of failed commercialism".
In 2013, Soli and Acision expect to publicly roll out a number of enterprise and operator engagement models, to leverage the ubiquity and reach of their messaging ecosystem.
The state health agency said that when health inspectors asked about fetal tissue samples inside a cabinet in the procedure room, Soli reportedly said he did not know why they were there and then placed them in a trash bag for disposal.
Soli SS, coro SATB, 2 violini, bassi (violoncello/ contrabbasso) ed organo.
Because the SOLI proposal would produce a large amount of "phantom income," the article considers how it might be restructured to preserve the economic advantages while reducing or eliminating the disadvantages.
The book, entitled The Basilica at Soli, Cyprus: a Survey of the Buildings and Mosaics, by David S Neal, will be introduced by US Ambassador Frank C Urbanic.
The afterword, by Soli Ozel, summarizes the points and arguments made by the authors while commenting on the difficulty of resolving two specific issues: the Kurdish problem and the Cypriot problem.
With 15 members of the junior varsity football team sidelined because of disciplinary reasons, Kevin Guillory and Daniel Soli had to fill in against Paso Robles, even though they were injured with a bad neck and ankle, respectively.
Oscar Renda will construct and install a 19-mile, 24-inch steel pipeline and booster stations needed for the project, while Soli Flo will provide and operate the dredges and act as the pipeline's operator.
Those were the research questions with which we dispatched Soli Salgado, NCR Bertelsen intern, to Buenos Aires.
July 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- BluFlux, a provider of RF engineering, antenna design and OTA testing, today announced that Google's Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group selected the company as one of the partners to develop Project Soli, a new interaction sensor that uses radar technology to capture movements of the human hand.