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This is a quest that is dramatically (not to say drastically) redrawn by the sheer, technical prowess of the Internet, so that an online presence for works of musical reference such as EMIR entails not only an auditory resource (largely) unavailable to traditional publication (a point not lost on Solie) (11), but also a gradual dissolution of editorial control and coherence (optimally represented as the expression of an underlying objective or point of view) in favor of a multi-authored database, which assumes a much greater corporate identity than that achieved by even the most resplendent Denkmal of an earlier age.
Little fieldwork is scheduled for this summer, Solie says, as International Tower Hill is working on optimizing the project and preparing a feasibility study, which is due out this summer.
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As dimensoes individual (vinculacao), diadica (coparentalidade) e sistemica (ajustamento familiar) do processo de divorcio devem, por consequencia, ser analisadas em conjunto (Dozier, Solie, & Stack, 1993; Lamela, Figueiredo, et al., 2010).
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Merwin Foard With: Ashley Blanchet, Jane Blass, Jeremy Davis, Merwin Foard, Amanda Lea LaVergne, Gavin Lodge, Liz McCartney, Keven Quillon, Sarah Solie, Dennis Stowe, Ryan VanDenBoom.
If Bolster is a sort of flaneur of the wasteland, Karen Solie, in her book Pigeon, is the clear-eyed daughter, the post-industrial, post-disaster, post-urbanized and -globalized child of the given world.
Our poetry scene is also particularly vibrant at the moment, with acknowledged masters like Anne Carson and Erin Moure sharing the spotlight with extraordinary young talents like Wayde Compton, Karen Solie and Christian Bok.
Caton, Rebecca Kohnert, Zachary Kotz, Rachel Rudeen, Gregory Schutte, Krista Leigh Solie, Joseph Thor, Alicia Vermeer.