SOLITSafety of Life in Tunnels
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Using biomarkers like EGFR as predictors of cancer remains a possibility, but the science needs to be further refined, said David Solit, a medical oncologist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.
On Friday evening during an Intermediate Cup game at Solit ude, rain and gale-force winds also knocked a floodlight out of action, forcing a delay in that fixture.
This syndrome was first described by Green and Solit (1964) who observed that parents whose children had an earlier life-threatening illness or injury tended to: (a) have difficulty setting limits with their children; and (b) become overly indulgent and overprotective with their children.
O'Leary's response is her hiring of attorney Jim Solit as a consultant with the task of streamlining the FOIA process.
"The problem is attitude, not resources," Solit says.