SOLZSecond-Order Laue Zone (electron microscopy)
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It is against this background that Stauffenberg made contacts, initially through Berthold, with the civilian resistance led by men like Moltke, Trott zu Solz and Schulenburg.
Some PA providers were married to the recipient, and others had consensual sexual relationships (Finkel, Fishwick, Nessel, & Solz, 1981).
The Bielenbergs considered moving to Ireland but were persuaded to stay by their friend, Adam von Trott zu Solz, an aristocrat who was trying unsuccessfully to convince Britain of the existence of a German resistance.
This described her fraught life in Nazi Germany because of a family friendship with Adam von Trott du Solz,later executed for plotting to kill Hitler.
Nie net het hy grootgeword op die Vrystaatse platteland nie; in 1940 koop hy vir hom 'n stukkie grond aan die Vaalrivier naby Parys en word dit vir hom 'n toevlugsoord waar hy kan ontsnap van die stad "en sy komplekse werklikheid" (Solz, 1959:49).
A German lawyer handling many of these cases, Jost von Trott zu Solz noted it is not always the holder's fault because they may have bought the item "in good faith" without knowing the history.
Also established is the utility of HITS displays for flying nonstandard instrument approach procedures (Barrows, Enge, Parkinson, & Powell, 1996; Grunwald, 1996; Reising, Liggett, Solz, & Hartsock, 1995).
Heidi Solz, M.D., M.S.Ed., is medical director for clinical development, MEDecision, Inc., of Wayne, PA.
Von Moltke and his fellow conspirators, Graf Peter Yorck yon Wartenburg and Adam yon Trott zu Solz, were planning for a new democratic order in Germany after the fall of Hitler's regime.
Nevertheless, Browne was not to be put off by the unfortunate tendency of the lecturers to speak French, and on April 26 he "bought the Gazette for 5 Solz." Although he "could not understand it all, [he] hammered out a good part of it." By May 8, he "started to speak `un peu Francois'" and made the acquaintance of a number of Englishmen.
In 1937, with the help of Adam von Trott zu Solz (1909-44; executed as a member of the resistance),(61) he received a Moses Mendelssohn scholarship which allowed him to buy a round-the-world ticket.