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SOMBAState Office of Minority Business Assistance (Massachusetts)
SOMBASchool of Management Business Accelerator (Philippines)
SOMBASouthern Oregon Mountain Bike Association (Talent, OR)
SOMBASouth of Market Business Association (San Francisco, CA)
SOMBASouth Okanagan Minor Baseball Association (Canada)
SOMBASurvivors Of Mister Buck's Algebra
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Borgou cattle are crossbreeding product of the short-horned bulls of West Africa (Somba or Lagunaire) and the Zebu White Fulani (Bos taurus) x zebus (Bos indicus) [21].
Further, during one period in Teater Kita's evolution, Prapanca held practices and exploratory sessions within the Benteng Somba Opu district, once the site of a Makassarese fortress reduced to ruins in a bloody canon assault by Dutch ships.
The Somba breed, however, is threatened with extinction and localized in Boukoumbe area in the Northeast of Benin (Moazami- Goudarzi et al., 2001).
Will and Kate arrived in the Somba K'ie Civic Plaza this afternoon and took part in aboriginal traditions and activities, such as prayer, drumming, dancing, Arctic sports and a game of street hockey.
Sayed Ali Mahfood, playing his first match in the tournament, was also untroubled by his challenger Abell Somba whom he beat 3-0 (11-6, 11-5, 13-11) to secure the outcome.
Petr Cizek co-wrote Somba Ke: The Money Place, a documentary about uranium mining at Port Radium, NWT.
The annual event has all activities taking place in Somba K'e Park by Frame Lake in Yellowknife.
When an offender is convicted of one of the triggering offenses under the VOYRA, registration is triggered by verification at the trial court level, at the time of sentencing, that the offense was not sexually motivated, as defined by SOMBA. (72) The VOYRA requires SORA registration if the offense was "sexually motivated." (73)
Recently, an Ecowas team led by the Burkinabe regional co-operation minister, Jean de Dieu Somba, went on a fact finding mission to the border posts and recommended a review of the Ecowas protocol on free movement of people and goods.
We'll visit Ashanti and Dahomey kingdoms; rarely seen Kaneka and Somba tribes; the fortress-like compounds of Lobi; and Kasena, with its finely decorated houses.
A number of treatment programs have found a new home in the Somba Kei Healing Lodge.