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SOMCSouthern Ohio Medical Center
SOMCSony Mobile Communications
SOMCShadow Open Market Committee (est. 1973)
SOMCStatement of Merit Criteria (various organizations)
SOMCSoftware of the Month Club (Los Angeles, CA)
SOMCShell Oman Marketing Company (Oman)
SOMCService Oriented Mass Customization
SOMCShort Orientation-Memory-Concentration (test)
SOMCStart-Of-Message Character
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Ireland is the Murray and Monti Professor of Economics at Boston College, a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, and a member of the Shadow Open Market Committee (SOMC).
Cognitive status was assessed by admission using the six-item SOMC which is validated to test for cognitive impairment [5, 25] since our protocol prescribed a certain cognitive level to ensure that all subjects were able to administer analgesics on demand and to evaluate pain reliably.
The job entailed traveling to different SOMC retail sites and acting as a business consultant to them on generating more business and working better with SOMC.
On this dimension, the monetarist economists of the Shadow Open Market Committee (SOMC) shared some of the reservations of their Keynesian counterparts.
"In the mid-1990s, we were looking for ways to visibly and dramatically improve our service to the community and, at the same time, to do so more cost-effectively," says Howard Stewart, PACS/RIS manager at Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC) in Portsmouth, Ohio.
Unlike other powerbrushes, Sonicare uses sonic technology, which cleans by combining 31,000 brush strokes per minute with gentle somc waves.
(*.) During the course of thc fiscal year, somc states changed their funding policies in ways that did not parallel changes in the federal policy.
At the twice-annual meeting held in Washington on Sunday and Monday, the six-member Shadow Open Market Committee (SOMC) welcomed the recent series of measures by the Bank of Japan and the Finance Ministry to increase money growth despite a depreciation of the yen against the U.S.
To Ibata it seemed to be spread over somc 10 [degrees] - about 20 times the Moon's apparent size - in the sky, lying roughly perpendicular to the plane of the Milky Way.
(20) SOMC of these factors were discussed in the Report to the House of Delegates, American Bar Association, Section of Taxation, August 1993.