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SOMCShort Orientation-Memory-Concentration (test)
SOMCStart-Of-Message Character
SOMCService Oriented Mass Customization
SOMCShadow Open Market Committee (est. 1973)
SOMCShell Oman Marketing Company (Oman)
SOMCSouthern Ohio Medical Center
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The job entailed traveling to different SOMC retail sites and acting as a business consultant to them on generating more business and working better with SOMC.
The SOMC met semi-annually over the years, and I attended several meetings as an observer in the mid- to late 1990s, when I worked in Washington, D.
For instance, the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations requires that 95 percent of the 700 pieces of equipment in use at SOMC receives preventive maintenance each month.
Out of four vendors, the search was narrowed to Agfa and one other large vendor, mostly because both supported Sun- and PC-based platforms, and SOMC, at the time, was using only Dell and Compaq computers, Stewart says.
The other person who I admire is Mohammed Ali al Farsi, general manager, external affairs and business development, SOMC.
The women and men of SOMC s guilds are truly extraordinary individuals and make such a difference for the patients, families and staff of Southern Ohio Medical Center, SOMC Guild Coordinator Jenny Lavender said.
In consequence, at its meeting on February 3-4,1980, (12) the SOMC held that
The SOMC did not join the Phillips curve watchers who warned about the threat of rising inflation in 1996-97.
In 1989, the SOMC said that Fed policy was too tight and that it would lead to recession, but the Fed did not ease appreciably until late 1990.
SOMC will use the application to better find and manage 1600 medical devices and equipment across four floors.
SOMC accounts for $33 million of outstanding debt, which is expected to be cash defeased or refunded by SOMC.