SOMSSouth Orangetown Middle School
SOMSSouth Orange Middle School (New Jersey)
SOMSSales Order Management System
SOMSStrategic Offender Management System (correctional system)
SOMSShift Operations Management System
SOMSSpecial Operations Media System (US DoD)
SOMSSony Olympus Medical Solutions
SOMSSherman Oaks Mini Storage (Van Nuys, CA)
SOMSState Operated Mobilization Station
SOMSStatistics, Operations and Management Science (The University of Tennessee)
SOMSShuttle Orbital Medical System (NASA; space shuttle)
SOMSSouthern Ocean Marine Sportswear (Barnegat, NJ)
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"Oh, that's all very fine to SAY, Tom Sawyer, but how in the nation are these fellows going to be ran- somed if we don't know how to do it to them?
All these and more came flocking; but with looks Down cast and damp, yet such wherein appear'd Obscure som glimps of joy, to have found thir chief Not in despair, to have found themselves not lost In loss it self; which on his count'nance cast Like doubtful hue: but he his wonted pride Soon recollecting, with high words, that bore Semblance of worth not substance, gently rais'd Their fainted courage, and dispel'd their fears.
Besides th useless loss of time which an attempt to ascend the river an higher would have cost us, we had already been for som days on half allowance of bread.
And in this lies the grotesque horror of this som bre story.
Financing of pensions and social benefits in August 2019 reached 3,793.4 million soms.
The direct investments were also received by ARIS (73.1 million soms), Eurasia Foundation (3.6 million soms), the Red Cross (2.5 million soms), JICA (16.6 million soms), USAID (13.6 million soms), UNDP (550,000 soms).
Financing of pensions and social benefits in July 2019 reached 3,716.4 million soms.
Thus, the government has spent 15,026,600 soms on the Ministry's central office spendings; 666,754,100 soms on culture; 348,923,300 soms on education; 72,581,700 soms - regional TV and radio; 40,570,200 soms - regional and district offices of newspapers; 20,555,100 soms - the Department of Tourism; 61,390,200 soms - Department of Information.
In particular, 25 apartments for 65.1 million soms, rural health post for 5.5 million soms, football ground for 1.5 million soms, play grounds for 300,000 soms, waste container for 300,000 soms, booster for 500,000 soms, store for 1.9 million soms, sewing shop for 6.9 million soms, paving the streets for 4.5 million soms, canalization for 4.5 million soms, mosque for 7.5 million soms, kindergarten for 2.3 million soms.
Compared to July 2018, tax revenues increased by 754.4 million soms.
Repay sum for external debt was 6.718 billion soms, while the repay sum for the domestic dept was 5.966 billion soms.
The budget execution was done by 93% at the plan of 50,529.5 million soms. It means the shortfall amounted to 3.58 billion soms, he said.