SOMTStichting Opleiding Manuele Therapie (Dutch: Manual Therapy Training Foundation)
SoMTSecret of Mana Theater (webcomic)
SOMTStichting Ondernemingen Medische Technologie (Dutch: Medical Technology Companies Foundation)
SomtSomerset (English County)
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The need for leadership to facilitate the coordination of tasks and to make critical decisions emerged as SOMT became more task oriented.
Educate SOMT (and others) about registration and notification in Oklahoma;
Educate SOMT (and others) about victim services provided statewide; and
SOMT set about planning specific activities for achieving these goals.
In addition to ongoing community education, SOMT has served in an advisory capacity for legislative initiatives.
SOMT has acknowledged that sustaining a collaborative environment is challenging.
Gadolinium, Gd, is an SOMT material with a Curie temperature of approximately 293 K.
The hysteresis can be greatly reduced by alloying with other elements, but the material then becomes an SOMT (Pecharsky and Gschneidner 1997c; Shull et al.
2, the material becomes SOMT with no detectable hysteresis.
x] materials changes the magnetic characteristics from FOMT to SOMT, increases the Curie temperature of the material, and greatly reduces hysteresis.
As AMRR systems become more efficient through material selection and regenerator design, their size will decrease; however, even a well-designed and advanced AMRR system using an SOMT material will likely be larger than an equivalent vapor compression system.
XOMT and SOMT 06 inserts can be used on the DR drills in a diameter range of 16 to 22 nun.