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SONATRACHSociete Nationale de Transport et de Traitement des Hydrocarbures (Algeria)
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Selon le meme responsable, l[euro]*objectif fixe par Sonatrach est d'augmenter ses exportations de gaz naturel, notamment vers l[euro]*Asie, afin de securiser sa part de marche face a la concurrence.
Companies providing services in the hydrocarbon sector in Algeria have received a letter from Sonatrach urging them to cut costs by 10 to 15 per cent, an industry source said.
Sonatrach helped the state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) raise oil production after a devastating wave of strikes in late 2002 and the first two months of 2003.
In December 2006, Sonatrach began delivering LNG to Bota?
L'Entreprise Nationale de Commercialisation et de Distribution des Produits Petroliers (Naftec), a unit of Sonatrach, is also to expand the inland Hassi Messaoud refinery.
Sonatrach stated that the company will produce drilling and production equipment, and provide training and services in the oil sector.
Gazprom and Sonatrach had made two discoveries in the same perimeter following the drilling of RSH-2 and ZERN-1 exploration wells.
Sonatrach Director General Abdulhameed Zarqeen Tuesday expressed "great satisfaction" at these results specially when considering the turbulant oil markets.
As part of this settlement, Sonatrach would take up to 5% in Gas Natural, with the utility planning to issue shares to Sonatrach in July and the decision on Medgaz to be made by the end of the year, Reuters cited informed sources as saying.
Sonatrach, BP, and Statoil jointly operate the In Salah field.
Sonatrach earned $57 billion in 2007 from producing and selling oil and gas, while the state earned a further $2 billion from a windfall tax on the earnings of foreign energy firms operating in Algeria.
In exchange, 'it obviously expects the Commission to help ensure that conditions for liberalisation of the energy market in Europe, especially the gas market, are such as to enable Sonatrach to be a player in a non-discriminatory and transparent environment'.