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SONDSecretary's Office, Navy Department (US Navy)
SONDSocial Organisation Networking for Development
SONDService on Data
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Handroanthus heptaphyllus Hahe (Vell.) Mattos Bignoniaceae Handroanthus umbellatus Haum (Sond.) Mattos Jacaranda micranta Jami Cham.
Jacks Dysentery Root decoction taken orally Earache Rhizome decoction taken orally Roots and rhizome used in combination with Eczema Pentanisia prunelloides to treat eczema Erectile Rhizome, root decoction dysfunction taken orally Fever Roots taken as emetics Rhizome decoction taken Fever orally mixed with Pentanisia prunelloides Haemorrhoids Rhizome, root decoction taken orally Herpes Rhizome decoction taken orally HIV/AIDS Rhizome decoction taken opportunistic orally mixed with roots of diseases Boscia albitrunca (Burch.) Gilg & Gilg-Ben., Peltophorum africanum Sond. and Plectranthus ciliatus E.
Through his soruces, he contactd a person named Shahzad Ali Zeb sond of Gul Zeb Khakn resident of G10 Islamabad and he agreed to sell out new born baby of eightdays and demanded Rs, 300,000.
Alstonine is present in Rauwolfia species such as Rauwolfia caffra Sond. and Rauwolfia vomitoria Afzel.
(2004) observed higher diameter increase in Handroanthus umbellatus (Sond.) Mattos during the flooding and rain periods, and no growth or negative growth in the dry season which coincided with leaf abscission of older leaves and production of reproductive structures in a flooded forest in the Atlantic Rainforest in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Alem da escavacao por setores (S) foram abertas trincheiras (T) de tamanho variavel (1 m x 0,50 m; 1 m x 3 m; 1 m x 5 m) e sondagens (Sond), conforme as necessidades verificadas em campo de forma a prover uma amostragem adequada, relacionada a estratigrafia, posicionamento no sitio e densidade do material arqueologico.
angustifolium, Sond., Rigid Aizoon, Ficoideae; indigenous to South Africa.
Another wish: commission Stephen Sond heim to pen a Phi Kappa Phi musical "about two main characters who meet at an initiation ceremony and fall in love and, RS., continue to pay their dues," the risk-taker brainstormed in a letter to headquarters.
Suitably filled, it is nice to stand in the warm sunshine in front of the wine trader, Sonderegger's premises, with its ornate sign, while our guide bids us "Sond Willkomm" and informs us of the history of Heiden as well as the itinerary for our hike.
sapientum Kuntze--Musaceae [Mp], Nectandra megapolamica (Spreng.) Mez.--Lauraceae [Nm], Diospyros kaki L.--Ebenaceae [Dk], Schefflera arboricola Hayata --Araliaceae [As], Tabebuia umbellata (Sond.) Sandwith --Bignoniaceae [Tu], Citrus sinensis (Linn.) Osbeck--Rutaceae [Cs], Mains domestica Borkhausen--Rosaceae [Md].
Naein fault with general northwestward-southeastward direction can be traced from south of Sond village and southwards it leads to Sourak fault in the upper Sero sheet.
Intima-media thickness of common carotid artery (IMT CCA) and the presence of atherosclerotic plaque were measured by means of highly-resolute transducer sond of 7.5 MHz frequency in B mode (Wall-Track system: W-T, Maastricht, the Netherlands) from the angiologist who was not familiar with the clinical status of the study patients.