SONEXSubsonic Assessment (SASS) Ozone and Nitrogen Oxide Experiment
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SONEX PLANO has a high NRC to reduce echo and sound reverberation in large open areas, such as museums, convention halls, auditoriums, cafeterias, factories, assembly areas and more.
Sonex ISG will distribute Wave's EMBASSY Trust Suite software in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in eastern Europe.
I feel fortunate to take on the leadership responsibility at an exciting time for Sonex," said Posey.
a major international supplier of engine components that has had a relationship with Sonex for several years.
makes acoustical ceiling and wall systems, including PROSPEC Barriers and SONEX Panels.
A managing director of Tokyo-based Sonex International, Kato, who summitted Everest in three seasons, died after his third conquest.
But with the aid of a noise control specialist, and SONEX curtains and panels from illbruck inc, Minneapolis, MN, they learned that it was possible to work side-by-side with the compressor.
manufacturer (Illbruck USA, Minneapolis, MN), of Sonex tiles clearly state that these tiles are designed to stop sound from being reflected back into a room, rather than stop it from leaking from the room.
The latest is the Ultra Sonex Ultrasonic Toothbrush from Sonex International Corp.
Illbruck, the manufacturer of Sonex Ceilings of Minneapolis, introduces Countour pattern, one of a series of five ceiling tile patterns.
Class 1 fire-rated, SONEX Linear is constructed of pinta's willtec[R] foam and is offered in natural white or light grey willtec and HPC color coatings.
From Merseyside Storm wheelchair rugby league, the Sonex Publishing Coach of the Year was Maurice Craig (Halton).