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SONGSoutherners on New Ground (Durham, NC)
SONGSolutions for Next Generation
SONGSociety of Ontario Nut Growers (Canada; est. 1972)
SONGSouthern Ohio Neighbors Group (Piketon, OH)
SONGSouthern Ontario Newspaper Guild (Canada)
SONGSliced Orthogonal Nonlinear Generalized (optics)
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Just as the dagger is at his heart, a lovely song is sung under his window, informing him that Zara is true but in danger, and he can save her if he will.
I apprehend that he is rather addicted to profane song.
What thinkest thou now, man; I heard thy cry; it was not the same in the song.
Marija is fond of a song, a song of lovers' parting; she wishes to hear it, and, as the musicians do not know it, she has risen, and is proceeding to teach them.
Here, Topsy," he added, giving a whistle, as a man would to call the attention of a dog, "give us a song, now, and show us some of your dancing.
That Hermann should have gone to that place at all, was not wise; that he should have gone with such a song as that in his mouth was a most serious mistake.
Sir John was loud in his admiration at the end of every song, and as loud in his conversation with the others while every song lasted.
The words of that song came to me then, my father; but afterwards they passed from me, and I remember them no more.
Nay, but of that lonely glass in the social solitude of the tavern,--alone, but not alone, for the glass is sure to bring a dream to bear it company, and it is a poor dream that cannot raise a song.
The song of pleasant stations beside the salt lagoons, The song of blowing squadrons that shuffled down the dunes, The song of midnight dances that churned the sea to flame-- The Beaches of Lukannon--before the sealers came!
By 'language embellished,' I mean language into which rhythm, 'harmony,' and song enter.
Yes, the conscience is clear and the song is clear, and so these little streams flow on, shining in the clear dawn of a golden past to which all poets and philosophers to come will turn with wistful eyes.