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SONGSoutherners on New Ground (Durham, NC)
SONGSolutions for Next Generation
SONGSociety of Ontario Nut Growers (Canada; est. 1972)
SONGSouthern Ohio Neighbors Group (Piketon, OH)
SONGSouthern Ontario Newspaper Guild (Canada)
SONGSliced Orthogonal Nonlinear Generalized (optics)
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And all that will come to pass in the time when the fools are dead, and when there will be no more singers to stand still and sing the 'Song of the Bees.' Bees are not men."
"I do call to mind a song that a certain minstrel used to sing in my father's hall, upon occasion.
You have never heard Harris sing a comic song, or you would understand the service I had rendered to mankind.
Next, Song and Diction, for these are the medium of imitation.
But Caedmon could neither read nor write, nor is it at all likely that he ever learned to do either even after he became a monk, for we are told that "he was well advanced in years" before his great gift of song came to him.
Far back in the twilight of history, at least 1,700 years before Christ, the Chinese people sang their songs of kings and feudal princes good or bad, of husbandry, or now and then songs with the more personal note of simple joys and sorrows.
"Sing me one last song," he whispered; "I shall feel very lonely when you are gone."
The song of the sea from the lips of the shell--Pshaw!
In the beautiful, refreshing, still nights of spring, when the moon pours her silver light over the Country, the listening shipper hears from the rushing of the waves, the echoing Clang of a wonderfully charming voice, which sings a song from the crystal castle, and with sorrow and fear he thinks on the young Count Hermann, seduced by the Nymph."
Or that my tone should be Tun'd to such solemn song So mournfully - so mournfully, That the dead may feel no wrong.
Nay, but of that lonely glass in the social solitude of the tavern,--alone, but not alone, for the glass is sure to bring a dream to bear it company, and it is a poor dream that cannot raise a song. And what greater felicity than to be alone in a tavern with your last new song, just born and yet still a tingling part of you.
"You have an extraordinary talent," the princess said to her after Varenka had sung the first song extremely well.