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SONGSoutherners on New Ground (Durham, NC)
SONGSolutions for Next Generation
SONGSociety of Ontario Nut Growers (Canada; est. 1972)
SONGSouthern Ohio Neighbors Group (Piketon, OH)
SONGSouthern Ontario Newspaper Guild (Canada)
SONGSliced Orthogonal Nonlinear Generalized (optics)
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When Harris is at a party, and is asked to sing, he replies: "Well, I can only sing a COMIC song, you know;" and he says it in a tone that implies that his singing of THAT, however, is a thing that you ought to hear once, and then die.
Next, Song and Diction, for these are the medium of imitation.
A person appeared to him then in a dream and, calling him by name, said, 'Caedmon, sing some song to me.
Far back in the twilight of history, at least 1,700 years before Christ, the Chinese people sang their songs of kings and feudal princes good or bad, of husbandry, or now and then songs with the more personal note of simple joys and sorrows.
Sing me one last song," he whispered; "I shall feel very lonely when you are gone.
The song of the sea from the lips of the shell--Pshaw
In the beautiful, refreshing, still nights of spring, when the moon pours her silver light over the Country, the listening shipper hears from the rushing of the waves, the echoing Clang of a wonderfully charming voice, which sings a song from the crystal castle, and with sorrow and fear he thinks on the young Count Hermann, seduced by the Nymph.
Thus on the coffin loud and long I strike - the murmur sent Through the grey chambers to my song, Shall be the accompaniment.
The princess asked Varenka to sing again, and Varenka sang another song, also smoothly, distinctly, and well, standing erect at the piano and beating time on it with her thin, dark-skinned hand.
And when the people grumbled more and more, and some threw stones at the king's grass house, the Bug sang a song of how good it was to be a Fish-Eater.
I do bethink me, Will, that thou didst use to have a pretty voice, and one that tuned sweetly upon a song.
Into all of their songs they would manage to weave some- thing of the Great House Farm.