SONOMSonar Countermeasures and Deception (US Navy)
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On the issue of Sonom, the Hmong King, Robert Entenmann's "The Myth of Sonom, The Hmong King" (27) has already put to rest the claim that Sonom was a Hmong king; he was not a Hmong king and was not even Hmong.
Unfortunately, the belief that a Hmong king named Sonom ruled over a Hmong kingdom is not borne out by the historical record.
Once cataract was diagnosed and surgery was planned, keratometry was done on Haag-Strait manual keratometer and A-scan was done by applanation contact method on SonoMed machine.
Consolidated product revenue of USD12.4m was recorded for fiscal 2014, up 7.5% from consolidated product revenue of USD11.5m in fiscal 2013, led by a gain in sales of the company's Sonomed Escalon Ultrasound and Digital products.
Five CCT measurements were obtained from each eye with a Sonomed ultrasound pachymeter (PacScan 300P California USA) and the median reading was taken.
The central corneal thicknesses (CCT) of the right and left eyes were 703 and 613 [micro]m (Micropac 200P, Sonomed Inc., USA) and the endothelial cell counts (ECC) were 815 [+ or -] 25 and 952 [+ or -] 32 cells/[mm.sup.2] using laser-scanning confocal microscopy (Heidelberg Retina Tomograph II with Rostock Cornea Module, Germany).
FMD was performed with a 7.5 MHz linear-array transducer ultrasound system (Sonomed, Lake Success, NY).
Significant leasing accomplishments for the partners over the approximately two-year holding period included the renewal of IPRO, the building's largest tenant, along with the several new leases with Raytel, Flushing Savings Bank, Sonomed, New World Funding, and others.
Preoperative anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, and axial length had been measured by ultrasonic device, Sonomed E-Z AB5500 (Sonomed Inc., USA).
Axial length was measured with a Sonomed A scan unit and the Intra Ocular Lens Power was calculated using SRK 2 formula.
This new VuMax HDB will be introduced by the company's Sonomed Escalon group.
In another demonstration of Long Island's increased leasing activity, Sonomed, Inc., a subsidiary of Pennsylvania--based Escalon Medical Corp., has committed to 10,943 s/f of office space at 1979 Marcus Avenue in Lake Success, NY.
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