SOOASix Organs of Admittance (band)
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"Wen they wer comin' in ter land Fred wer sooa used ter cooach rahdin 'at 'e wer baan ter gooa raand wi' t' cap ter collect fer t' drahver!"
Believe me Dear Sir with respectful Compliments to your family and particularly to Miss Edgeworth who I hope will sooa mend and delight us by something new,(9) very much your faithful humble servant
This disquisitioa occurs in a collectioa of Border ballads which I published a good many years since and of which they are now printing a new edition.(10) I will take the liberty to send a set to Johnstone your publisher as sooa as they come out in hopes he will find some means of conveying them safely for your acceptance.
Sooa 'e wer 'avin' a gooa at Walt O' Will's who's just finished dooin' up 'is biggish haas on th' edge o' t' moor.
But Ah knew Ah'd nooa option wi' Ethel i' that mood, sooa eventually Ah reyched fer mi cap an' set off daan t' rooad.
Ethel sed awl them 'at wer theear wer th' owder end, sooa shoo wondered what'd 'appen wen they deed off.
Yar Ethel wer due ter see t' doctor fer a check-up this week, sooa shoo went aat early on ter ring fer an appointment.
"Ah've seen some on it but it wer sooa borin' 'at it sent me off ter sleep," 'e replahd.
Nubdy'd yerd owt abaat 'im sin' then, sooa Jack an' me could 'ardly believe it wen we saw 'im gooa ovver ter t' bar.
Ethel stood 'er graand an' sed ther wer one way ter decahde it, sooa shoo dashed off upsteears inta t' bathroom.
"By gum, Jack, thi eyesaht must be a lot better ner mahne if tha can spot 'im sooa far away," Ah sed.
Jack an' me 'ad nowt on that Frahdy neet sooa three of us med us way ter t' Croppers an' fun Alec proppin' up t' bar.