SOOBSocial Order Of the Beauceant (womens organization associated with the Knights Templar.
SOOBSkin Off Our Bones (My Chemical Romance band fan site)
SOOBSit Out of Bed (nursing)
SOOBSmall Owner Operated Brothel (Australia / New Zealand)
SOOBSome of Our Business
SOOBSummary of Operation Boundary
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#2 --2 boys killed in this group Soob-- Soob killed --told last year.
Barbara Zinc Fest (U.S.), QUIZ.CAT Zinc n' Comix Trade and Exhibition Fair at SOOB (Australia).
The "Soob" handles beautifully, but that mileage makes me grind my teeth.
Linda Kivi's novel If Home Is a Place (Polestar Books, 1995) is a worthy contribution to a group of Estonian women's fictional writings about exile, which includes Helga Nou's novels Kass soob rohtu (The Cat Eats Grass), Paha poiss (Bad Boy), and Tiiger, tiiger of the 1960s and 1970s, about young Estonians in Sweden, and Elin Toona's Lotukata (1969), Kalevikula viimne tutar (The Last Daughters of Kalevikula; 1988), and Kolm valget tuvi (Three White Doves; 1992), set in England and North America.