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SOONSurvivors on Our Own (Phoenix, AZ)
SOONService Oriented Optical Network (project)
SOONSolar Optical Observation Network
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We wake in the morning and hear a bird sing, It soon should be joined by others to bring, The lovely dawn chorus to welcome the spring, To lift up our spirits and a joyful message bring.
ANTHONY FOULKES: "Get well very soon mate and ill see you in work JONATHAN TAYLOR: "All the best from all of us at Holyhead Hotspur FC.
Trucks will soon have to add front and rear bumpers to their vehicles in order to prevent smaller cars from getting under the trucks.
It is expected that the company may soon name former US Bancorp (NYSE: USB) chief, Jerry Grundhofer, as chairman of its Citibank NA unit.
With audio only systems, as soon as the resident replies to the intercom call, the visitor knows they are home.
The Rose Seidler House was the epitome of the new Australian modern domestic architecture and it was soon followed by a succession of innovative domestic designs in the Sydney suburbs and eventually a house at Killara, NSW for his own family.
I think there will always be people for whom it will always be too soon,'' the director says.
Impact copolymers were soon used for auto door interior trim and liners, as well as dashboards.
A logo and Web site will soon follow as the public-private partnership seeks to secure government funding to get some area projects off the ground.
Dorothy soon made her mark by opening a day care centre in partnership with Mary Wallace, wife of Duncan Wallace, now bishop of the diocese of Qu'Appelle.
They opened up the imaginations of many, and soon small teatro groups were popping up all over.