SOOPShip Of Opportunity Programme (IGOSS)
SOOPService Opportunities for Older People (Mennonite Mission Network)
SOOPSecure Online Order Processing (various retailers)
SOOPSimple Object-Oriented Programming
SOOPCenter for Operations, Plans, and Policy (US DoD)
SOOPState Organization of Oil Projects (Iraq)
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First, SoOPs are abundant, ensuring the availability of sufficient signals for position determination and for reducing position error.
Using SoOPs for navigation purposes does have disadvantages, however.
At the same time, it plans to set up a diamond transaction company SOOPS on the Internet before the end of the year, hoping to deal with 100 wholesalers, 1,000 retailers and 10,000 ordinary consumers.
Additionally, when you've done the sort of books that Soops has already delivered on Diana, Princess of.