SOPHESociety of Public Health Education
SOPHESchool of Occupational and Public Health (Ryerson University; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
SOPHESociety of Public Health Engineers (UK)
SOPHESociety of Philosophy and History of Education
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Following the earlier recommendation of SOPHE President Lawrence Green, that SOPHE, AAHE, and the Public Health Education section of APHA consider appointing joint committees, a SOPHE-AAHE Joint Committee was appointed by then AAHE President Peter Cortese and then SOPHE President, Ruth Richards in 1984.
Finally, the Joint Committee recommended that, in the absence of resources to retain expert consultation in development of ethical codes of conduct, the 1983 SOPHE Code of Ethics be adopted profession-wide and serve as a basis for the next step involving development of rules of conduct.
Subsequently, both AAHE and SOPHE continued to focus on ethical issues, and promoted programming in ethics through their annual and midyear meetings.
In November 1995, William Livingood (the SOPHE delegate to the Coalition) recommended that the Coalition poll each of its member organizations pertaining to support for a profession- wide code of ethics.
The review process should enable institutions of higher education, AAHE, and SOPHE to make a qualitative assessment of the programs.
For example, programs can build a curriculum based on the competency-based framework outlined in the responsibilities, competencies, and sub-competencies of health education specialists (NCHEC, SOPHE, & AAHE, 2010).
After the chartering period, health education specialists have been able to obtain certification by passing an examination that covers the seven Areas of Responsibility for Health Education Specialists (NCHEC, SOPHE, & AAHE, 2010).
Regardless of where the courses are taken, to make an individual eligible to take the CHES examination the courses must address the Areas of Responsibility for Health Educators (NCHEC, SOPHE, & AAHE, 2006).
These two journals, both published by SOPHE, represent a critical distinction in readership needs that can significantly impact manuscript compatibility.
2007 National Health Education Conference and SOPHE 2007 Midyear Scientific Conference-The Changing Face of Health Education and Health Promotion: Re-conceptualizing Health Education.
The Journal of Nutrition Education, official publication of the Society for Nutrition Education, was determined to have the greatest relevance to the responsibilities of health educators, followed closely by Health Education and Behavior, a SOPHE publication.
The AAHE and SOPHE ethical codes reflect the importance of cultural sensitivity and competence among health educators (AAHE, 1994a).