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SOPHIAStudy of Particulates and Health in Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)
SOPHIASystem for Organic Reaction Prediction by Heuristic Approach
SOPHIASociety for Promotion of Himalayan Indigenous Activities
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De women folks has gone for to stir up de relations, en ole Mars Saul en de boys tuck dey guns en rode up de river road for to try to ketch dat young man en kill him 'fo' he kin git acrost de river wid Miss Sophia.
I asked him what was be- come of young Harney and Miss Sophia.
I judged that that piece of paper meant that Miss Sophia was to meet Harney somewheres at half-past two and run off; and I judged I ought to told her father about that paper and the curious way she acted, and then maybe he would a locked her up, and this awful mess wouldn't ever happened.
She was most like the picture of Lady Ranelagh: and, I have heard, more still to the famous dutchess of Mazarine; but most of all she resembled one whose image never can depart from my breast, and whom, if thou dost remember, thou hast then, my friend, an adequate idea of Sophia.
By her conversation and instructions, Sophia was perfectly well bred, though perhaps she wanted a little of that ease in her behaviour which is to be acquired only by habit, and living within what is called the polite circle.
Sophia Antonovna was apprehensive of another outburst.
A gesture from Sophia Antonovna, "Leave him to me," had sent the two men away--the buzzing of the inarticulate voice growing fainter and fainter, and the thin pipe of "What now?
Sophia Antonovna glanced up the grounds at the house and shook her head, then out of the gate at the brimful placidity of the lake.
As to what remains obscure in the fate of that poor Haldin," Sophia Antonovna dropped into a slowness of utterance which was to Razumov like the falling of molten lead drop by drop; "as to that--though no one ever hinted that either from fear or neglect your conduct has not been what it should have been--well, I have a bit of intelligence.
Razumov could not prevent himself from raising his head, and Sophia Antonovna nodded slightly.
It was visible, because Sophia Antonovna was moved to observe vivaciously--
It was really the idea of her correspondent, but Sophia Antonovna had adopted it fully.