SOPMScan Once Print Many (printers)
SOPMStandard Operating Procedures Manual
SoPMStudents of Project Management
SOPMSulfate of Potash-Magnesia (fertilizer)
SOPMService-Oriented Programming Model (methodology for building service-oriented applications)
SOPMSelf-Optimized Prediction Method (protein structure)
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SOPM is a highly desirable potash product for soils with magnesium deficiency, including those found in Europe and Southeast Asia and has a total global market size of over one million tonnes.
Each automated instrument has its own SOPM, with necessary references made to the GOPM.
This is attained through the Ambric SOPM, a patented technology that leverages over 20 years of research on programming massively parallel processors on single or multiple devices.
The Am2045B uses Ambric's SOPM tools and maintains software compatibility with the full Am2000 family.