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SOPMODSpecial Operations Peculiar Modification (Army)
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5-inch ($250) for AR-type carbines are coveted SOPMOD enhancements --even within the U.
It features a 16-inch Teflon-coated stainless barrel, carbon fiber free-float tube, Hogue pistol grip and B5 SOPMOD stock.
Armorers install a high-quality free-floating stainless steel match barrel (the hand guard tube and Special Operations Peculiar Modification, or SOPMOD, accessory rails do not touch or affect the barrel) on a flat-top upper receiver and tune or replace the trigger.
For that reason, they choose the GunCruzer SOPMOD M4 & M9 crush-proof combo case because this much they know: it's an ace when concealing and protecting weaponry that is necessary to save lives and defend freedom.
From the old days in Special Forces when we had to use the SOPMOD Knight's Armament can (that didn't work well for our applications), to modern-day, lightweight, easy-on and--off titanium cans.
was asked to participate in a SOPMOD conference to create what would be the Mk 14 Mod 0 EBR, with features that included a collapsible stock and with an aluminum body with telescopic rails.
The pistol grip is a black Magpul MOE, and the collapsible six-position stock is a B5 Systems SOPMOD model with watertight compartments for batteries.
The BHI SOPMOD Accessory Kits provide the AK47/74 Rifle and the PKM machine gun with the flexibility and versatility to meet SOF mission-specific requirements.
300 Blackout along with a modified SOPMOD stock, extension tube, redesigned buffer and buffer spring, and a drop-in weight for the bolt carrier that delivers a fully operational weapon, suppressed or unsuppressed without operator changes, at an overall length of 24.
Stock: B5 Enhanced SOPMOD Grip: Magpul MIAD Finish: Cerakote (proprietary formula); Flat Dark Earth or Sniper Gray Trigger: Geissele Super Tricon, 2-stage, 4.