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SOPRANOSelf-Organizing Packet Radio Ad-Hoc Networks with Overlay
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The Wooer's voices may perhaps accord with one of the future wives, but not with both; or not, at first, with either; or the Soprano and Contralto may not quite harmonize.
I, too," said the young man, "am a musician -- at least, my masters used to tell me so; but it is strange that my voice never would suit any other, and a soprano less than any.
The high soprano notes of the future Queen of Song rang through the house as he spoke.
Side by side they would sit, and the old man's face would lose its drawn look, and light up, as her clear young soprano pealed out over the din, urging this player to shoot, that to kick some opponent in the face; or describing the referee in no uncertain terms as a reincarnation of the late Mr Dick Turpin.
In the new series, the Soprano wise guys love it when Silvio parodies the Godfather scene of Michael Corleone allowing his wife Kay to ask him--once--what he does for a living.
Richard Favero, Executive Chairman and Founder of Soprano Design said, This acquisition caps off an incredible week for Soprano Design.
SOPRANO Cipher utlises strong encryption to provide an enhanced level of protection for healthcare, finance and government organisations who communicate sensitive information to their staff and customers through the mobile channel.
An Italian-English dictionary from 1816 (around the time the term soprano sfogato was first being used) translates the word as follows:
Fe fydd y gyfres yn parhau ar S4C nos Fawrth, pan fydd Elin, sy'n 32 ac a ddaw'n wreiddiol o Orseinon ger Abertawe, yn ninas Salzburg yn Awstria, lle mae'n edrych ar hanes yr ariu soprano gan y cyfansoddwyr mawr, Haydn a Mozart.
Fans had speculated for weeks that writer David Chase was finally going to kill off Soprano, played by James Gandolfini.
After 80 screen hours of gripping plotlines, fans were left clueless as to whether Soprano was to be killed off by the menacing men who had entered the diner.